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H.R. 1388 Passed

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As taxpayers we just spent more than $20M to relocate members and supporters of Hamas (terrorist organization) to the United States.  We are paying for their housing, food and transportation.  This was passed behind our backs.

Few on Capitol Hill or in the media, took note that the Presidential Order provides a free airline ticket, replete with housing to individuals who have displayed their overwhelming support to the Islamic Resistance Movement.   Let’s see if there is outrage since we are embattled with debt ceiling limit or budget issues and this give-a-way to our enemies.  Don’t believe me:


Obama and Israel

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So Obama tells the world that Israel needs to give back some of their territory.  Who does he think he is, God?  Why is Obama telling any sovereign nation what they have to do?  How do think the Israelis feel about Obama and the U.S. right now?  Let’s imagine if Chinese President Hu Jintao told Obama that in order for China to continue to purchase our debt, that we needed to give Arizona back to Mexico.  We’d be outraged and scared at the same time because China is holding the gun to our head with their threat of withdrawing their debt purchases.  Maybe the U.S. wouldn’t be so hated throughout the world if we would mind our own business.

U.S. Real Estate

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We live in an upside down centrally planned government manipulated economy that enriches the powers that be and enslaves the rest of us, most Americans that we know are by definition, indentured servants.  Right now we have the government (taxpayers) either funding or backing 90% of home mortgages. We have the Federal Reserve artificially suppressing interest rates by setting the Fed funds rate near zero and printing money to purchase U.S. bonds. We also have the mortgage tax deduction which is an absolute scam, everyday average Americans actually look down on paying off a house, they see the mortgage deduction as a huge benefit of owning a home.   Let the free markets reign and not the planned future of socialism.