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Who knew that Hunger Games would be so prophetic?

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Who knew that Hunger Games would be so prophetic? Every single child in America can look forward to at least performing slave labor with a good chance that they may be forced to kill others in order to survive. They will be forced to take their chances literally with life and limb to satisfy the bloody ambitions of sociopathic criminal politicians.

H.R. 748 was introduced on February 14th, 2013 and was referred to the House Armed Services Committee the very same day! Unemployed Youths to be conscripted.

We will see a downgrade in the U.S credit rating in 2013

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A new downgrade in U.S. credit rating by S&P and perhaps Moody’s. This week Moody’s fired a warning shot to the U.S. Treasury, we believe if Moody’s plans to remain credible, they will need to downgrade the U.S. this year. Probably in the next 90 days during the debt ceiling crisis, if this happens, expect a massive shift to the precious metals as the world begins to acknowledge that the U.S. will have to print to keep interest rates artificially low.

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January 8, 2013 at 5:05 am

Recession in the U.S. to be official

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Recession in the U.S. to be official in 2013. We know that for many of you reading this, you are probably asking when did the 2007 recession end. Well officially according to National Bureau of Economic Research, the recession ended around June of 2009, even though for those of us living in reality, the recession never ended. Food stamp use continues to make new all time highs, with 1 million people added in the past 2 months, coincidentally the same amount of people who have dropped out of the workforce during the same time frame. Gallup’s polling information continues to give us a real unemployment number in the teens with it being steady at 20% when you include everyone who wants a full time job that doesn’t have one. With that said, even the mainstream media and economists will admit this year that the U.S. is in a new recession, perhaps even stating that it started in late 2012.

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January 7, 2013 at 3:17 pm

Disappointed in Paul Ryan

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I had a glimmer of hope late last summer when Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate. Even though I voted for Gary Johnson (in OR Obama was a slam dunk), I felt that the GOP had finally woken up and were listening to the people. Well, last night Paul Ryan just kissed his 2016 Presidential run goodbye. I realized that I should not put the hopes of the country in a single DC insider, but rather in myself and in my like-minded followers. Thank you for be there for me and let’s move a mountain.

Texas Nationalist Movement Releases Independence Referendum Bill

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texas flag

As the opening day of the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature approaches, the time to push past the “independence” rhetoric is here.

Below is a link to the independence referendum legislation.

You can download a copy at this link:

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January 2, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Wage and Price Controls hurt those it is intended to help

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A minimum wage is considered a price floor. In other words, it is a level below which the price of something is not allowed to fall.
When an employer is forced to pay someone a wage that is higher than what the free market would bear, they must make a decision to hire that person or not. If the cost to hire a person at an artifically higher wage is not cost effective, he/she will not make the hire. In addition, If a small business owner is paying his employees an hourly rate and that rate is raised by minimum wage laws, he/she has to make a key business decision; who should I fire to cover for the rising labor costs. Remember, minimum wage laws are political. Politicians would never get elected if they said, “Let’s get rid of minimum wage!”

Top Reasons why America will NOT turn around for 20 years.

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Dollar Decline – The continuation of dollar devaluation through inflation, leading to the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Additional downgrades of America’s credit rating. Probable 30+% inflation, gas prices by 2015 of $ 8 per gal. A National Debt by 2016 of $ 32 trillion.

Continued deficit spending – Massive increases of government spending at a minimum of $1.7 trillion per year. Healthcare costs skyrocketing to $1 trillion per year. Spending carryovers from 2012 of over $ 200 billion. $40 billion monthly (1/2 trillion in 12 months) mandated spending through 2013 just printed money backed by nothing. (Medical costs for 2011 were $ 835 billion they double every 7 years)

Pandering to Middle East – The continued failure of foreign policy through increased violence in the Middle East. Further growth of Islamic fundamentalism and the Muslim Brotherhood. Expanded assassinations with drones, of Obama identified terrorists. Expansion of wars in the Middle East most likely with Syria and Iran.

Internet spying – Massive attacks on the Internet, and free speech. The development of cybersecurity in the fake support of anti-terrorism. The opening of a new NSA managed security operation, which is actually a violation of the 4th and 1st amendments, cataloguing every American. Attacks on free speech through the use of controlling social media by restricting individual and group access to the Internet, something that is already operational. The control of web content. Restriction of Internet IPO’s whose allocation will be turned over to an international body.

Supreme Count moving left – Two more leftist Supreme Court justices turning the Supreme Court into an leftist majority that will internationalize American jurisprudence, destroy what ever little is left of the constitution, and complete America’s journey to socialism.

Excessive regulation – The regulatory juggernaut that began on the first day of the Obama administration will be greatly expanded to destroy American free enterprise of every sort. Any company successful will be relentlessly attacked by over-regulation. This will destroy jobs and foster business nationalizations.

Shutting down Americas Energy – Green energy in the form of solar and wind electric energy production, and electric cars all of which are non-competitive on the marketplace, without huge government subsidies (your paid taxes) will be expanded. These are the very policies that have brought Spain to bankruptcy. They will waste billions more, (six billion of bankruptcy’s in first term) drive fuel prices through the roof, eliminate coal as an energy product, eliminate Alaskan oil production, prevent the Keystone pipeline from Canada forcing Canada to sell their oil to China, drive all costs of energy and food up, and reek havoc with the entire economy.

Illegal Explosion – There will be amnesty for 25 million illegal immigrants. This will almost immediately bankrupt the entire welfare systems including Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and Social Security.

There does not appear any way to turn America around, at least not in the next generation or two.