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Renter Beware when renting from @Hertz – Don’t get cheated

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If you are planning on renting a car with Hertz, beware of some perceived collusion between Hotwire and Hertz.

Four weeks ago I visited Hotwire and rented and prepaid a car for a trip to DFW. The rental company for that trip was Thrifty. I arrived at the counter and was given the car no issues.

Two weeks ago I did the same thing and was assigned Hertz. I arrived and was denied a car because the name on my drivers license did not match EXACTLY the name on my credit card.  This is the same drivers license and credit card I used two weeks prior.  Hertz had no problem keeping the money they received from Hotwire for the prepaid rental.

Short of being stranded, I had to find another rental company and rented a car that cost 2x what I already prepaid.  Now I am asking for Hertz to do the right thing and pay for the secondary rental.  I will keep everyone up to speed.

Bummer for Hertz, I need a car next week in Baltimore, the following week in Dallas and March 2nd in London.  Please be very careful when renting a car from Hertz.  I’d steer clear if I were you.


Written by opinionoregon

February 6, 2014 at 9:51 pm