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1 Billion New Jobs from Obama

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Tom Hanks says that Obama has saved 1 billion jobs.  Is he out of his mind or is still playing the dim-wit character he played in Forrest Gump.


Freedom and Liberty

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If we look at the history of man we see oppression and tyranny as the norm.  Only when America was founded on individual liberty did man experience true freedom.  So in reflecting on the history of mankind (4,000+ years) is it justice or injustice that is most common?  I suggest that America is the era of justice and that for true justice to be present that “injustice be absent”.  We are walking toward giving up our liberties (justice) for security (injustice).  Watch out.


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McDonald’s recently had their own “National Hiring Day” in which they encouraged Americans to apply for new jobs at the company. All together, 1 million Americans applied for 62,000 jobs at McDonald’s and over 900,000 Americans had to be turned down. This is a sign that despite the Federal Reserve printing trillions of dollars out of thin air, the U.S. economy is still in a severe downturn without the possibility of a real recovery.  The McDonald’s hiring event resulted in 6.2% of applicants getting jobs.  This tells me that it is harder to get a job at McDonald’s than it is to get admitted to Harvard, where the admission rate is around 8%.  Go figure?

Real Estate Market

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Imagine a world where people of all ages could purchase homes for a fair price. A world where prices were set between a willing buyer and seller. If the buyer needed a loan, the buyer would go to a bank or lender of choice and negotiate their terms, the number of years, interest rate, and down payment needed. This world is called the free market, where sellers are restrained from raising prices too much because of a finite pool of buyers and buyers who have a finite amount of money. If a free market was once again adopted by the people of the United States, we might actually be able to return to an ownership society where people value other people’s private property in all places of the economy, not just housing. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in.