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Renouncing American Citizenship

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I just read an interesting article from Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr

It starts:  Let’s be clear about something. A person who decides to give up his US citizenship is not guilty of disloyalty to America; quite the opposite. He could very well be more loyal to American principles than the regime is willing to tolerate.  To read the rest please visit:


Puerto Rico Statehood

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David Wu we are watching how you vote on HR2499.  Are you in favor of our republic or democracy?  Mr. Wu, you need to vote NO on this bill.

AZ Immigration

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Now Mexico is issuing a warning to its citizen to not travel to Arizona.  They site that the police will stop anyone who even looks hispanic.  What impact is this going to have on the other neighboring states like New Mexico, Texas and California?  The illegals will stay away from AZ and cross through the other states.  If Obama would just do his job and enforce the existing laws, we wouldn’t have this problem.  What happens when CA, NM and TX enact similar laws, what will Mexico do then?  How are you going to vote Mr Wu?

Financial Reform

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Let’s see, Congress is discussing the financial reform bill.  It appears that several senate republicans are going to go along with the bill, so it will probably pass with bi-partisan support.  This is last thing Obama should want.  He should hope that the republicans block the bill.  Why?  Because the pending financial collapse and inflation can then be blamed on the republicans. 

You see, if the financial reform bill fails and then we have a deeper recession and inflation, Obama can blame it on the obstructionist republicans.  Now with the passage, he can only blame himself.  Too bad Mr. Wu.

Job losses again

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David Wu of OR helped to pass one the stupidest bills to date (HR 2847)  The bill was touted to raise tax revenue, but whose unintended consequence will be higher trade deficits and fewer American manufacturing jobs. The revenue measure will tax Americans who put their savings abroad in order to avoid paying American income taxes. It requires foreign banks to report the income earned by Americans. If they don’t, then any income owned by the foreign banks in the United States will be subject to a 30% withholding tax. The intended consequence will be that foreign banks will report income earned by American savers abroad. The unintended consequence will be to reduce the amount of American savings that goes abroad. The net flow of savings into a country causes trade deficits. As a result of this provision, net savings will flow into the United States, which will raise the currency exchange rate of the dollar, which will reduce American exports and increase American imports, which will reduce American manufacturing jobs and manufacturing investment.  Smart move Mr. Wu, were you asleep while in college when they handed out brains?

Tax Day

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Well, I just finished writing out my check to Obama and Kulongoski (gov.).  In addition to what was withheld throughout the year, each check was in the mid 5-figures.  I wonder if I will get a thank you letter from them. 

Thanking me for my confiscated earning.  On second thought, I wonder if David Wu will send me a thank you note.  YaNo.

U.S. Debt and David Wu

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Many of the politician, David Wu of Oregon included, point out that our debt levels are not a concern. They that  after World War II, 1946, due to military spending for the war, that our public debt as a percentage of GDP was 122 percent – which is even higher than the  near 100 we have today.  These politicians who think that spending the answer fail to mention that debt levels are not sustainable without cuts to spending.   Between 1945 to 1949, federal spending dropped by 58% and taxes fell by 12%. Meanwhile, the budget deficit fell by 66% in 1946 and was in surplus from 1947 to 1949.  In other words, although we did not pay down our nominal debt in the decade after the war, we did succeed in massively shrinking government and the burden that it places on society.  We cut taxes and spending and had a growing economy.  Without the spending cuts, we will have a dramatically different outcome, Mr. Wu.  Please wake up.