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Obama and Israel

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So Obama tells the world that Israel needs to give back some of their territory.  Who does he think he is, God?  Why is Obama telling any sovereign nation what they have to do?  How do think the Israelis feel about Obama and the U.S. right now?  Let’s imagine if Chinese President Hu Jintao told Obama that in order for China to continue to purchase our debt, that we needed to give Arizona back to Mexico.  We’d be outraged and scared at the same time because China is holding the gun to our head with their threat of withdrawing their debt purchases.  Maybe the U.S. wouldn’t be so hated throughout the world if we would mind our own business.


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  1. Yeah Olama , right away , boss. Hey , idea — why not give your beloved kenya to the somalian lovelies ? You lying punk , get your coked-up nose out of their business of survival . You are knockin down stable regimes to get more muslim donkeys in power , your plan is working but you won’t be able to maintain it very much longer. You lie .

    dane hansen

    August 22, 2011 at 9:45 pm

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