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Unemployment Rate

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I just saw the most recent unemployment statistics for Oregon.  We are second in the nation behind Michigan.  You’d expect Michigan to have the highest unemployment rate with all of the problems with the auto industry, but Oregon? 

Oregon is the most unfriendly state for businesses.  Why would an enterprising company want to start in Oregon or relocate other than the natural beauty?  The tax and regulation burden is huge.

  • Income taxes
  • Top 10 highest property taxes
  • State and local gov’t taxes
  • Enviornmental restrictions
  • land use restrictions
  • Transporation taxes
  • On and on….

During the last recession, Oregon was one of the last states to come out.  It looks they have not learned their lesson.



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english-queenHere is a post I came across that was  so relevant, that I had to use it.

Are American really this stupid? – A Letter from an English Woman

Now let me get this straight: You hired a man with virtually no experience, and mysterious past who might not even be a natural born citizen to be your president… and who derives all his experience from the seat of all corruption… Chicago. His first act was to try to give a
trillion of your dollars to Wall Street crooks with absolutely no accountability and he is still trying mightily.. The people who already got your money were caught trying to buy a jet plane bought outside your country. The parties who have received your money and spent it are already legend. We think that within six months the next monies will be partied out and they will be back for more! His nominee for Sec of the Treasury is a tax evader. He was confirmed nevertheless. The next three whom he nominated were all tax evaders. Two of them had to withdraw on the same day. Your President promised that absolutely no lobbyists would be part of his administration. Already three of the biggest lobbyists in the country are on his team. Who fed you Americans a whopping dose of stupid?

We grieve for the loss of your Constitution, common sense, and orality. I
doubt if the Crown would take you back.

Greta Marley
London SW1

Obama Charity

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The democrats claim to be the party of compassion, the party to the “little guy”, the party of the working family.  This should also extend to helping those who need help.  They want to help people but not with their own money.  Check this out:

  • In 2008, Obama gave 6% of his income to charity – Bush gave 23%
  • In 2008, Biden gave >2% of his income to charity – Chaney gave 70+% 

I guess Obama’s saying should be:  Do as I say, not as I do.

Written by opinionoregon

April 24, 2009 at 6:31 pm

Tea Party

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bostonToday is April 15th and I wanted to express my outrage at what is going on in Washington.  The spending is out of control, with no end in sight.  We need to stop this madness so that my daughter will not be burdened with the interest payments.  I live in Portland and was surprised that there was an organized “tea party” downtown.  Against my better judgement I attended.  I didn’t want Obama and his thugs to take my picture and get put on some subversive list.  I threw caution to the wind and attended.  The energy was high and people walked away making a pact that we will vote out those in office regardless of party.   Hopefully the rest of the country will follow suit.

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April 16, 2009 at 3:31 am

Democrats and the “Art of Lying”

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Obama has perfected the art of lying, but rather than just pile on him, I thought I’d “spread the wealth” amongst his friends.  Here you go:

  • Barack Obama – I did not bow.
  • John Kerry – I was wounded in combat.
  • Bill Clinton – I never had sex with that woman.
  • Hillary Clinton – We were shot at by snipers. 
  • Joe Biden – I told George Bush no body was following him.
  • Barack Obama – I am going to reduce the national deficit.
  • Barney Frank – I did not have anything to do with the financial crisis.
  • Chris Dodd – I did not put the AIG bonus language in the stimlus bill….and the media let’s them get away with this. 

Written by opinionoregon

April 13, 2009 at 3:26 pm

Fascism and Obama

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obama-fascismI wrote a month or so ago about Obama and his socialistic policies.  I was a little quick to judge Obama.  It appears that Obama is using smoke and mirrors in his pursuit of socialism.  In it’s most basic definition, socialism is the state owning and operating of enterprise.  So how does this differ from fascism?  Fascism has same end (state control), it is just masquerading as free enterprise.  The appearance of private ownership and control, but the state is pulling the strings.  Just look at the U.S. auto industry as an example.

Written by opinionoregon

April 9, 2009 at 10:28 pm

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