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What high gas prices?

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So you think the price of a gallon of gas is high.  Let’s see, today the price of gold is right at $1,500 per oz and gas is right at $4.00 per gallon.  So for 1 oz of gold you can buy 375 gallons of gas.  If you think gas is high today, let’s go back to 1931.  Back then 1 oz of gold was $35 and gas was $.10 (10 cents).  Back then you could only buy 350 gallons of gas with 1 oz of gold.  This tells us two things, gold is the real store of value and two, our president is liar in telling us that speculation and the oil companies are the reason for the high gas prices.  He needs to look at the Fed as the reason for all of our financial problems.


Debt Limit

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Congress would be acting  irresponsible and reckless for them to even consider raising the limit without also enacting spending cuts and reform. The nation’s credit worthiness is directly tied to our fiscal stewardship, not our desire to borrow. America would send a strong signal to global financial markets by taking prudent steps to address our out-of-control spending habits, not by blindly giving ourselves another blank check.

Today’s national debt—the public debt that government has accumulated to finance its out-of-control spending—is approximately $14.3 trillion. To put that into perspective, the government’s annual budget for 2011, which is in itself bloated, is roughly $3.7 trillion. And to put the future health of our economy in perspective, President Obama proposed in his 2012 Budget proposal that we add $9 trillion to that debt over the next ten years.

Rep. Scott: Taxing Those At $100,000 And Up at 100% Will Not Get Us Out Of This Year’s Deficit |

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The President tries to tax, to tax our way out of debt — placing the burden on those earning more than $100,000,“ Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) said on the House floor Thursday morning.

“The problem, sir, is a simple one — that if we were to tax these individuals 100 percent of their income, we still could not cover our deficit this year alone. As a matter of fact, to tax our way out of debt we would need to increase taxes across the board on every man, on every woman and every business by 60 percent. You simply cannot tax your way out of this debt,” Scott said.

Rep. Scott: Taxing Those At $100,000 And Up at 100% Will Not Get Us Out Of This Year’s Deficit |

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April 15, 2011 at 5:10 pm

Deficit Spending

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Did you know, that in the month of March, the U.S. government spent more than eight times its monthly tax receipts, when you include the money spent for maturing U.S. treasuries. The U.S. treasury netted $128.18 billion in tax receipts during the month of March, but paid out a total of $1.05 trillion, which included $49.8 billion in Social Security benefits, $47.4 billion in Medicare benefits, $22.58 billion in Medicaid benefits, and $37.9 billion in defense spending. However, by far, the U.S. paid out the most for maturing U.S. treasuries, which equaled $705.3 billion.

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April 7, 2011 at 6:28 pm

Socialize Medicine Director Dies Waiting for Operation

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It’s a bit like a supermarket manager dying of starvation or a bottled-water distributor dying of thirst: In the U.K., a former National Health Service (NHS) director died while waiting for medical care — at her own hospital. The Daily Mail reports: Margaret Hutchon, a former mayor, had been waiting since last June for a follow-up stomach operation at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex. But her appointments to go under the knife were cancelled four times and she barely regained consciousness after finally having surgery. Her devastated husband, Jim, is now demanding answers from Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust — the organisation where his wife had served as a non-executive member of the board of directors. He said: “I don’t really know why she died. I did not get a reason from the hospital. We all want to know for closure. She got weaker and weaker as she waited and operations were put off.” Not to be cruel, but the reason is simple. It’s called government-run health care.

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April 5, 2011 at 4:21 pm