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U.S. on the Road to Serfdom

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The U.S. government department heads are running  amuck, showering US citizens with a truck load of nanny-state rules and illegal  takings.  We can clearly see a monstrous  staff of socialistic-communists bent upon imposing their personal rule and will  upon the American people…all this with no legal authority.

Being “politically correct” is censorship,  but just without burning books in the streets like the Nazi’s did in that era.  Our new capital controls, border controls and mail censorship forces compliance  where you have difficulty moving money for normal commerce and in some cases,  cannot use paper documents.  For example,  if you are sending a gift overseas, the documents are filed on the internet or,  you cannot send the gift.  This is just a  warm-up. The real fun starts later on, after Obama is re-elected by those needy  welfare voters who receive all the government checks he promises to  deliver…forever.

This is the way it started in Germany in the 1930s  and of course after the Russian Revolution in that nation in 1917.  I think the nasty old Russian men like  Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin and their henchmen are rolling over in their graves  laughing at America and what she is doing today to create self-inflicted  socio-economic wounds.