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Debt Limit

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Going Broke: Treasury Down to $58.6B in Cash, $130.5B Borrowing Authority Imagine that you had an average monthly income of about $170 balanced against average monthly expenses of about $940–and that you were more than $14,000 in debt. Then imagine that as of today, you had only $58.60 in cash left in your bank account and $130.50 left on your line of credit. Now multiply these numbers by 1 billion and you will have the up-to-date financial situation of the U.S. government.


Gov’t Shutdown by Harry Reid

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From Heritage:  You would think liberals in Congress have nothing better to do with their time. Amid a war in Libya, an effort to aid earthquake and tsunami-stricken Japan, a continuing war in Afghanistan, rising gas prices and endless unemployment, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Democratic leadership in the U.S. Senate are refusing to accept a modest agreement to fund the federal government through the end of the fiscal year. And time is running short. What’s Senator Reid wrangling over? A mere $51 billion in additional budget cuts, which amounts to a few days of government deficit spending.  This is why we are in the mess we are.

Will Biden try to impeach Obama?

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‘Did Joe Biden mean it when he said.    “I will make it my business to Impeach President who goes to war without congressional approval“.  Senator Obama said in December 2007:  “The President does not have the power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.'” I guess the Libya war is just a conflict..

U.S. Debt Jumped $72 B the same day House voted to Cut Spending only $6B

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The national debt jumped by $72 billion on Tuesday even as the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution to fund the government for just three weeks that will cut $6 billion from government spending. If Congress were to cut $6 billion every three weeks for the next 36 weeks, it would manage to save between now and late November as much money as the Treasury added to the nation’s net debt during just the business hours of Tuesday, March 15.

14M+ Americans on Food Stamps

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The U.S. government has been successful at temporarily paying off Americans into not rioting in the streets like in Arab nations. It was just announced a few days ago that the number of Americans on food stamps in the month of December of 2010 was a record 44,082,324, up 13.1% from one year earlier and 1.1% from one month earlier. That is more than 14% of the total U.S. population! Combined with President Obama extending unemployment benefits up to 99 weeks, American citizens are too busy and distracted playing with their iPad 2s and gossiping on Twitter about Charlie Sheen, to have any time to protest in Washington, DC.

Don’t Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

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The only oil we should tap can be found underground in Alaska and int he Gulf of Mexico.  Morning Bell: Don’t Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News..

Minimum Wage laws create unemployment and social unrest

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The minimum wage laws actually create unemployment.  State and Federal governments who think a minimum wage is a good thing for society are misinformed.  Imagine you are a small business owner and you are working 12 hour days.  You need some part-time help for a few hours per day to do some “busy-work”.    Shouldn’t you have the right to post a job opening and interview candidates and pick the person who best suits your needs.  This includes; the person’s references, work experience, dependability and what you are willing to pay them.  You should have the ability to hire the person you want for the wages you want.  This includes the candidate’s willingness to bargain for his pay.  If both parties agree to an acceptable wage, what’s the issue?  If you are mandated to pay a wage higher than you can afford, you will NOT hire that person.

As summer approaches, there a millions of kids who want to work and would work for less than the minimum wage.  Give business owners the chance to hire these young people.  The alternative is an idle group of students and we all know what happened in Egypt with their idle student groups.