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Senate Debate – Connecticut

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Connecticut Republicans deserve a lively, informative debate between their two candidates for the U.S. Senate, but Linda McMahon refuses to get in the ring and debate! Time after time, she shies away from the chance to put her ideas up against mine. Time after time, she denies Connecticut voters the opportunity to hear all sides of this debate.

Is Linda McMahon another Chris Dodd progressive? 

“If McMahon’s refusal to debate is any indication of what she would be like in Washington, she significantly lacks the necessary characteristics to be Connecticut’s senator. The Nutmeg State can’t afford a senator who sits quietly in the corner. By putting my name on the ballot, Connecticut voters have opted instead for an individual who is confident in his convictions and prepared to stand up for what is right for Connecticut.”

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July 15, 2010 at 5:25 pm

Puerto Rico Statehood

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David Wu we are watching how you vote on HR2499.  Are you in favor of our republic or democracy?  Mr. Wu, you need to vote NO on this bill.

David Wu – Socialist?

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The Obamacare vote has stirred up a lot of comments.  One reoccurring question is here in Oregon around David Wu.  He is the congressperson from the 1st district and many of the comments are around his political beliefs.  Is he a socialist or a progressive?  We will devote our resources to help his opponents in the next election to expose his leanings.  Was your vote worth it Mr. Wu?