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Inflation and smoking, what they have in common.

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Smoking is a human action. People smoke because it feels good to them. But in the long term, smokers start coughing, feeling bad, and even dying from lung cancer. The good consequences appear immediately. The bad consequences may take years to manifest.

If a smoker tries to stop, some bad consequences called withdrawal symptoms appear immediately. It may take two to three months for the good consequences to become noticeable.

This is why it is so difficult to stop smoking. Simplistically speaking it is easy to say, “the cure for smoking is to stop smoking.” In practice it is not that easy.

So too, with inflation. When the additional currency is pumped into the system, the fortunate recipients of the new currency go on a spending spree, the stock market goes up, new economic activity is stimulated, people become more enthusiastic, and new jobs are created. The good consequences appear immediately. But two years later prices go up, consumers complain, and politicians talk about “fighting inflation.” The bad consequences appear much later the Fed tightens the screws, and the economy becomes “depressed.”

It is easy to say, “the cure for inflation is to stop inflating.” But if currency inflation is stopped, the stock market immediately tumbles, interest rates go up, “money” becomes tight, companies go bankrupt, people lose their jobs, and the economy becomes “depressed.”

We are addicted to inflation like the compulsive smoker to nicotine and the alcoholic to alcohol.

Prepping for Doomsday -Interesting new TV Show

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There is a new TV is a new show on National Geographic called “Doomsday Preppers.” If you haven’t see it, it is “on-demand” and pretty interesting. If you think back a few year, this type of show would have been some show on a obscure youtube channel put on by a guy in a tin foil hat as far as the view from the greater portion of the population. Just the fact that this show is on prime time on a popular channel and the possibilities are being discussed, gives us hope that people are waking up and that real change will be demanded from those who can make a difference. If we are going to have a mobocracy, we might as well have it work for the greater good of America. Be prepared

More Jobs going to China

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It was announced yesterday that NIKE will be building another corporate campus in China rather than expanding their Beaverton, OR headquarters.  I wonder how many land use permits they had to get in China?  How about resrictions on employment and requirements for medical insurance.  It’s too bad that great American companies feel it is easier to do business in China than here at home.  Say good bye to all the constructions jobs lost to build the new campus as well as the 1,000+ new middle-class jobs that will be filled by Chinese rather than Americans.  Mr. Obama, shame on you.  If Ron Paul were President, the restrictions would be removed and employment would grow.

Debt Limit and Social Security

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Let’s see, Obama yesterday claimed that without a debt limit increase that all the social security recipients would be at risk of not getting their checks.  We have been told over and over again that there is a “Social Security Trust Fund”.  Hmmm, based on what Obama said, it appears there is no trust fund and that there is not money set aside for current and future SS recipients.  Did Obama let the cat out of the bag that he has been robbing the “trust fund” to fund his other entitlement programs.  Just ask yourself, Is this house of cards about to crash or is he just using scare tactics to justify an increase in taxes and to mire the country in additional debt.

Debt Limit

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Congress would be acting  irresponsible and reckless for them to even consider raising the limit without also enacting spending cuts and reform. The nation’s credit worthiness is directly tied to our fiscal stewardship, not our desire to borrow. America would send a strong signal to global financial markets by taking prudent steps to address our out-of-control spending habits, not by blindly giving ourselves another blank check.

Today’s national debt—the public debt that government has accumulated to finance its out-of-control spending—is approximately $14.3 trillion. To put that into perspective, the government’s annual budget for 2011, which is in itself bloated, is roughly $3.7 trillion. And to put the future health of our economy in perspective, President Obama proposed in his 2012 Budget proposal that we add $9 trillion to that debt over the next ten years.

Will Biden try to impeach Obama?

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‘Did Joe Biden mean it when he said.    “I will make it my business to Impeach President who goes to war without congressional approval“.  Senator Obama said in December 2007:  “The President does not have the power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.'” I guess the Libya war is just a conflict..

Don’t Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

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The only oil we should tap can be found underground in Alaska and int he Gulf of Mexico.  Morning Bell: Don’t Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News..