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Fuzzy Sovereignty in Europe

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The issue of sovereignty has become fuzzy in Europe. Since France and Germany have basically exercised direct power over Greek’s electoral politics without assuming responsibility for solving Greece’s domestic problems.  Don’t you think that this won’t stoke even more resentment in Greece?

It’s really a lot worse than just an issue of fuzzy sovereignty. Last week something new happened which cannot help but affect the near-term outlook. By openly speculating for the first time on Greece’s leaving the euro, Europe’s leaders have ensured that there is almost no chance now of preventing it from happening, and sooner even than most pessimists expected.  Greece leaving will be painful for all, but is needed to reset the expectations and the economies of the EU.

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November 8, 2011 at 5:27 pm

Hypocrite – Nancy Pelosi

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was speaking at a press conference this week when Steve Kroft of ’60 Minutes’ asked her if it was a conflict of interest that she participated in the IPO of Visa and owned between $1 and $5 million worth of Visa stock in her portfolio (making it her largest equity position), and while holding the shares she went on to support and vote to approve important financial reform bills affecting the credit card industry. Pelosi completely sidestepped the question, refusing to give it a straight answer.  Hypocrite!!!


Don’t Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

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The only oil we should tap can be found underground in Alaska and int he Gulf of Mexico.  Morning Bell: Don’t Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News..

Minimum Wage laws create unemployment and social unrest

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The minimum wage laws actually create unemployment.  State and Federal governments who think a minimum wage is a good thing for society are misinformed.  Imagine you are a small business owner and you are working 12 hour days.  You need some part-time help for a few hours per day to do some “busy-work”.    Shouldn’t you have the right to post a job opening and interview candidates and pick the person who best suits your needs.  This includes; the person’s references, work experience, dependability and what you are willing to pay them.  You should have the ability to hire the person you want for the wages you want.  This includes the candidate’s willingness to bargain for his pay.  If both parties agree to an acceptable wage, what’s the issue?  If you are mandated to pay a wage higher than you can afford, you will NOT hire that person.

As summer approaches, there a millions of kids who want to work and would work for less than the minimum wage.  Give business owners the chance to hire these young people.  The alternative is an idle group of students and we all know what happened in Egypt with their idle student groups.

David Wu’s – mental health issues

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The Oregonian in Portland reports that Congressman David Wu is unstable and has been plagued with mental health issues.  Read story.  He is a 7 term democrat and just that alone validates his need for mental evaluations.  On second thought, maybe those who need their head examined are those in Oregon who keep returning him to office.

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February 19, 2011 at 5:39 pm

Politics of Inflation

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In arguing food inflation is not the Fed’s fault, Chairman Bernanke points the finger at everyone but him.     Just as with a lot of Bernanke’s policies, his argument may hold in an academic setting, but the real world is a bit more complicated.

Summarizing the greatest money printing experiment in monetary history, Bernanke proudly stipulates that the program has been “effective”, because:

  • “equity prices have risen significantly”; and
  • “inflation compensation as measured in the market for inflation-indexed securities has risen”

Yet, when quizzed about whether his policies contribute to commodity and food inflation, Bernanke argues that the Fed’s policies have only influenced equity prices to the upside, not commodity prices. While that logic is unlikely to convince a preschooler, the Fed chief goes on the defensive to defuse the argument that his policies may actually be destabilizing the Middle East and Asia, where a high portion of disposable income is spent on food. With regimes toppling left and right, Bernanke must feel he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Obamacare Can be Killed Without Single Democrat Vote

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From Vision to America, they wrote: While House Republicans are working hard on legislation to deprive Barack Obama of the money he needs to implement his massive health-care program, there is a way they can accomplish the same ends without a single Democrat vote and no approval by the Senate or White House, says the organizer of the “No More Red Ink” campaign.

“It’s just this simple,” says Joseph Farah of WND and the campaign targeting House Republicans alone to freeze the debt limit. “Republicans alone can do this. They are holding all the cards. They simply need to vote no as a bloc on raising the debt limit. At that point, the funding to implement ‘Obamacare’ dries up on the vine.”

“Most people have still not figured out just how much power the Republicans have on this issue with control of just the House of Representatives,” said Farah. “For some reason, House Republican leadership is determined to defy popular will and the better instincts of its own caucus to continue business-as-usual spending and borrowing in Washington.”

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February 16, 2011 at 1:04 am