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When is Ebola Not Ebola?

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I suspect that the New York doctor doesn’t really have Ebola.  The government just tells us he does so that his “reckless” actions while supposed to be infected will prove to the citizens that Ebola is not easily transferable.   We see stories of the reckless actions of riding on a subway and bowling while showing signs of Ebola.  He get admitted to the hospital and low and behold, no one on the subway or bowling alley get sick.  Its the governments way of giving the public a false sense of security.  Just another thought since I rarely trust what the government says.


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October 28, 2014 at 7:07 pm

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David Wu – Oregon Socialist

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Based on the actions of David Wu, he is showing his true colors.  Socialism wasn’t successful when the Soviet Union tried it; China had to open its markets to free trade to become economically viable; North Korea depends on foreign aid to feed its citizens.

Why does David Wu think he can make socialism work in the United States of America?  He must have been asleep while at Stanford or he was thinking of other women.  I hopy Mr. Wu is happy with his vote.

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March 24, 2010 at 12:56 am

David Wu – Socialist?

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The Obamacare vote has stirred up a lot of comments.  One reoccurring question is here in Oregon around David Wu.  He is the congressperson from the 1st district and many of the comments are around his political beliefs.  Is he a socialist or a progressive?  We will devote our resources to help his opponents in the next election to expose his leanings.  Was your vote worth it Mr. Wu?