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Thursday evening I drove to Vancouver, WA (from Portland, OR) hoping to see Dr. Paul speak.  I knew what he was going to say because I’ve been saying the same thing for 20 years.  I just wanted to show support for Liberty in the “left” corner of the country.  In retrospect, I must be the most blessed person alive.

Upon arrival, the crowds on the street were enthusiastic and full of energy.  I found the doors to the convention center and saw a line of several hundred people, so I walked to the end of the line.  Waiting for 10 minutes and more and more people were joining the line, which was NOT moving at all.  After another 10 minutes the security guard came out and asked us to step back and not block the entrance to the “closed” parking structure.  The now 200 foot linel backed up about 15 feet to allow cars to enter and exit.  Less than 2 minutes later here comes a black SUV and I see Carol Paul in the back seat and the car turn right in front of me and stops and there is Dr Paul less than 5 fee from me, waiving.  That is not all.

The line began to move slowly as hundreds more people joined the back of the line.  As I made my way to the head of the line, the security guard pointed at me and said “You are the last one to get in”.  It was standing room only at that point.  I walked into the room and stood directly in front of the media cameras with a great view.  45 minutes later as the speech was ending, I walked up to the front while everyone was chanting President Paul, President Paul.  Once at the front of the room, Dr. Paul stepped over to a very brief receiving line (crowd is more like it).  He signed a few books, hats and shook some hands.  I was able to step up and wish him luck and get a quick snap shot speaking to him.  Right after the picture was taken, he was ushered over to the media corner and out of the building.

  1. Great parking spot
  2. Seeing him drive into the building
  3. Last guy in the door to see him
  4. Meeting him and wishing him luck

What comes around goes around and I am truly blessed in the world.


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