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MUST READ: #GlennBeck on #RonPaul.

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Glenn Beck is painting Ron Paul as a non-stick version of Barrack Obama.  He is discrediting Ron Paul and his consistency and adherence to the Constitution, claiming he is misguided.  I suspect that Glenn Beck has not listened to Ron Paul, but rather is picking up on the sound bites.  Dr. Paul does not talk in sound bites, he is articulate and explains his position and how it ties back to the Constitution. Sound bites make you “slick”.   Glenn Beck is typically very thoughful in his discussions, but for some reason he is anti-Ron Paul.

Mr. Beck, must I remind you that no one is perfect in this world.  I suspect that you have decided that the most important issue for the country is the Middle East.  So what is most is most important to the country?  Bombing Iran, which is what the other candidates want or adhering to the Constitution?  What good is a dead Iran if we are also wiped out financially and left with no liberties because of a short sighted position that the Middle East “might” try and corrupt our country.  I agree that Iran is a threat, but are they the biggest threat, I don’t think so and neither do MILLIONS of Americans.

I respect your opinions and your right to say them, but there are Millions of Ron Paul supporters who will not compromise our principles just to get rid of Obama.  From our perspective, big government guys (D or R) are both the same, just different labels.  Imagine that you are asked to compromise your principles about your Mormon faith, would you do so if it meant the delayed distruction of that faith?  I suspect not, so please don’t condem others who are principled and adhere to those beliefs.

Please sit down and talk to Ron Paul, it doesn’t have to be “on air” where there are commercial intruptions.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you learn.  @opinionoregon


Written by opinionoregon

January 17, 2012 at 6:38 pm

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