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Obama’s budget untruth

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President Barack Obama falsely claimed that under the budget he released on Monday federal revenues would equal expenditures by mid-decade and that the national debt would not increase.

In fact, his own budget documents contradict the president’s claims.

“What my budget does is to put forward some tough choices, some significant spending cuts so that by the middle of this decade our annual spending will match our annual revenues,” Obama said on Tuesday. “We will not be adding more to the national debt.”

The 2012 budget proposal, however, increases the debt every year for the next decade and does not spend less that it takes in any of  the next ten years, according documents published Monday by the Office of Management and Budget.


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  1. It’s OK. You are painting a picture of a man who is confused. Untruth. Give me a break. He lied to the American public.

    Christine Willis

    February 22, 2011 at 12:03 am

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