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Greece style protest begin in the states

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Wisconsin, like many other states, is in the red and needs to get their fiscal house in order asap. A bill that was introduced by their newly elected Governor, Scott Walker, was supposed to do just that or at least put them on the road to fiscal sanity. The proposed legislation severely cuts back public employee rights and changes the way the state negotiates with unions.  In fact, the bill removes nearly all collective bargaining rights for almost all public employees with the exception of law enforcement and firefighters. It also makes it easier for the state to fire employees that engage in some form of labor unrest. Governor Walker says the legislation will help the state overcome the $137 million hole in the current budget and eventually help the state make up the $3.6 billion shortfall projected for the next biennial budget. The Governor gave notice to state employees that the collective bargaining agreements would come to an end on March 13th. Currently, public union workers have been operating under the terms of their previous contracts, but can be canceled with 30 days notice.

Currently, most public employees pay NOTHING toward their pensions and barely anything towards their insurance. After seeing the private sector enter into the deepest downturn since the great depression, you would think the public union employees would have a reasonable reaction to pitching in, after all it is public service. Today, 15 school systems in Wisconsin were forced to cancel classes for students for the second day. Now let’s think back to all those teacher union signs we see on the streets, oh that’s right, “it’s all about the kids.” 1,100 teachers called in sick today canceling classes for 24,500 students.  David Wu, I hope you don’t encourage this to happen in Oregon.


Written by opinionoregon

February 18, 2011 at 12:45 am

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