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Unemployment Rate

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I just saw the most recent unemployment statistics for Oregon.  We are second in the nation behind Michigan.  You’d expect Michigan to have the highest unemployment rate with all of the problems with the auto industry, but Oregon? 

Oregon is the most unfriendly state for businesses.  Why would an enterprising company want to start in Oregon or relocate other than the natural beauty?  The tax and regulation burden is huge.

  • Income taxes
  • Top 10 highest property taxes
  • State and local gov’t taxes
  • Enviornmental restrictions
  • land use restrictions
  • Transporation taxes
  • On and on….

During the last recession, Oregon was one of the last states to come out.  It looks they have not learned their lesson.


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  1. If I lived in Oregon and wanted to start a business, I’d move across the river to Vancouver. At least there are no income taxes and the property taxes are managable. There is a sales tax in WA, but I understand you can drive t Oregon to make your purchases and not have to pay.

    Stag Wilson

    May 2, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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