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Democrats and the “Art of Lying”

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Obama has perfected the art of lying, but rather than just pile on him, I thought I’d “spread the wealth” amongst his friends.  Here you go:

  • Barack Obama – I did not bow.
  • John Kerry – I was wounded in combat.
  • Bill Clinton – I never had sex with that woman.
  • Hillary Clinton – We were shot at by snipers. 
  • Joe Biden – I told George Bush no body was following him.
  • Barack Obama – I am going to reduce the national deficit.
  • Barney Frank – I did not have anything to do with the financial crisis.
  • Chris Dodd – I did not put the AIG bonus language in the stimlus bill….and the media let’s them get away with this. 

Written by opinionoregon

April 13, 2009 at 3:26 pm

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